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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is an ultra fast run game that will give you goosebumps. Blaze through the twisting tunnels and explore 100 challenging levels. Anticipate the upcoming obstacles and go for the right moves to dodge them. This crazy tunnel racing is easy to learn but hard to master.

You can enjoy one-player mode to have a 3D single-player experience. Meanwhile, dual-player mode allows you to play with a friend for a mini competition. High-quality 3D displays and smooth animations never get you bored. Explore the tunnel wonderland and lead your fantasy runner to win infinite tunnel racing.

How to Play Tunnel Rush?

Make your way through warp tunnels and caves. Surpass all obstacles and reach the final point. Play dual-player mode to compete with a friend and test your abilities.


Use left and right arrows or A, D keys to move left and right. Press the Space bar to Start/Restart/Pause the game.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Keep an eye on hazards and dodge them smartly
  • Tunnel Rush is fast so prepare your moves early
  • Complete initial level to discover more challenging levels
  • Stay focused and invincible to win exciting challenges

Tunnel Rush Modes:

There are two modes for players to enjoy tunnel rush game at its best.

Single Player Mode

Playing the tunnel rush game alone improves your reflexes and concentration. In the classic mode, you will take control and pass through tons of obstacles to reach the destination.

Dual Player Mode

Want to compete with your fellow in a tunnel dash game? Join your friend in a 2-player mode and try your best to win the challenge. First player can use the left and right arrow keys while other player can play with A and D keys.

Tunnel Rush Features

  • Dynamic and user-centric interface
  • High-resolution and colorful graphics
  • Smooth gameplay with intuitive controls
  • 100 exciting and challenging levels
  • Includes single and two-player modes
  • Pleasing background music effects
  • Infinite tunnel racing with super fun

Play tunnel rush online to develop your challenging skills!